Change of classroom for the course of web design and development

We remind you that the next Monday, April 14, begins the addict of design and web development.

Also say that the classroom has changed, will be taught in the classroom TD0108AI, the “School of Technology and Experimental Sciences.”

Changing the classroom in various add-ons

We inform you that they have changed the classrooms of the following Addictions:

  • Ruby: TD0107AI.
  • Gimp: TD0108AI.
  • Blender: TD0107AI.
  • GNU / Linux Administration: TD0103AI.

All classrooms are located in the “Superior School of Technology and Experimental Sciences”.

The hours have not changed.

Certificates of Additions 07/08

If you made additions during the course 2007/2008 and you do not have your certificate, you can pick it up in the office of Aditel. It is located on the first floor of the block of offices opposite the restaurant Ágora.

If the office of Aditel is empty, please go to the first office on the first floor, and ask for the certificates.

To validate courses for free configuration credits:

He removes a copy of the certificate issued by Aditel and requests a rectorate secretariat for an approval of credits. Fill it out explaining that you would like to validate the course of the certificate you attach and submit it to the same secretariat.

Choosing A Telecom Provider For Your Business

Whatever is the size of your business, you need a telecom provider so that your target market may be able to reach you. Aside from that, it is usually a great deciding factor as to whether or not a customer will choose your company’s services over another company’s services. It makes them believe that your company is legitimate because you have a telecom service. Therefore, choosing your telecom provider has to be thought-out and researched well so as to be able to provide the best service to your clientele.

Many companies in the past have made the dreadful mistake of having chosen a provider with mediocre services. That is why it cost them their clientele. Do not end up like them so here are some specific and helpful tips in choosing who should provide your business’ telecom service.

  1. Think on a larger scale but local at the same time. If you have a starting business, you might think multinational providers are too much for you. But looking at the larger picture, it is actually just perfect. When the provider is a global company, then it can give you the best promos, terms, and offers. But you have to make sure that their offers and services are not limited and centralized in the bigger cities when your business is in the rural area. Make sure that they have a good branch office in your area that can accommodate your needs anytime.
  2. Look for the best customer service. Great customer service is what your business aims to provide to your clientele. And that is also the same thing you want to get from your telecom provider as their customer. Make sure that the provider you are contacting has a reputation for great customer service. If you are not sure about this, you can ask them about how much they value their customers. Ask them further about how they handle complaints and issues. Make sure that they have a customer service hotline or representative who will attend to and handle your concerns anytime.
  3. Look for reliability. You know the impact of a 15-minute outage to your business, right? Imagine if the internet went down for an hour, how much do you think will your business lose? Can you afford to lose this much? If not, then be careful in choosing your telecom provider. Make sure that they do not have a reputation of always getting an outage. And if ever they do get an outage, ask how long they take to restore it and how often it happens.
  4. Go for flexibility and scalability. Expect your business to grow through time. And when this happens, you surely would want to add certain services to your telecom connection without hassle and extra charges. Furthermore, make sure that the company you are checking out conducts system upgrades often so you are able to be at par with the latest technology.

Choosing your telecom provider can make or break your business. That is why you need to take utmost care and attention when making your decision. Do not just contented with the information these companies provide you on their website or when you talk to their customer service representative. Do your own research by asking your friends or the people around who have tried these companies’ services and see which one is giving the best support.

Do not take chances when choosing the right provider. Make sure that you are only getting the best to be able to give the best service to your clientele. Always think ahead and do what is best for your clients.